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Ontology Cooperation with Healthcare Public Chain ALLIVE to Create Smart Healthcare Ecosystem
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Ontology Cooperation with Healthcare Public Chain ALLIVE to Create Smart Healthcare Ecosystem

Ontology, a new high-performance public multi-chain project and a distributed trust collaboration platform, has announced a strategic cooperation with healthcare public chain ALLIVE. ALLIVE and Ontology will create a decentralized healthcare ecosystem and smart blockchain network by forming a joint technology team, and work on dApp design based on Ontology’s underlying blockchain technology.

The health industry plays an important role in everyone’s lives. However, problems such as data islands and resource mismatches are common. Individual medical data is in the hands of major medical institutions, but this centralized management of health data cannot satisfy the desired level of data security and privacy for individuals.

High quality medical resources are also often overconcentrated, which means in many countries popular hospitals are flooded with patients while others receive few — this causes a hierarchy of diagnosis and means treatment cannot be delivered well. In general, quality of healthcare continues to improve worldwide, but there is a lack of an effective link of systems amongst most institutions, causing a huge waste of resources.

In light of this, based on Ontology’s underlying public chain technology, ALLIVE is able to provide users with convenient distributed medical services without any complex systems and technologies. ALLIVE builds a profile of individual’s health data on the blockchain through three modules: OLIFE, OLIVIA, and OLEAF.

Users can fully control their own health data and perform personalized health management with an artificial intelligence doctor for all their needs. By using the distributed digital system to connect people, assets, objects, and affairs in the medical industry, as well as achieving comprehensive verification and integrating off-chain and on-chain data, ALLIVE forms a decentralized and immutable healthcare ecosystem, smart blockchain network, and a healthy lifestyle tool.

LIU Qikai, Founder and CEO of ALLIVE, spoke on this cooperation: “It is an inevitable trend for blockchain technology and new application scenarios to work together. ALLIVE looks forward to promote blockchain technology applications in the healthcare industry with Ontology, and co-build the smart healthcare blockchain ecosystem”.

ZHANG Yiru, Co-Founder and CTO of ALLIVE, said: “Blockchain technology is driving the ‘information’ transmission started in the age of the internet to ‘trust’ transmission. This is a great opportunity to solve the major problems in the healthcare industry and promote the rapid development of solutions. Ontology has rich technical accumulation and community resources in the blockchain industry. ALLIVE is looking forward to its cooperation with Ontology and jointly promoting the development of the industry by establishing reliable health data transmission in the industry and building a more rich and personalized healthcare service ecosystem”.

LI Jun, Founder of Ontology, said: “Healthcare is closely related to everyone’s daily life. We will provide public chain technology to assist ALLIVE in achieving a blockchain solution with high-performance, standardization, scalability, and privacy, and will effectively solve the problem of unequal distribution of medical data rights, transfers, medical records, and build a workable blockchain solution for the healthcare industry”.


ALLIVE is a blockchain-based intelligent healthcare ecosystem. It is comprised of three modules: Olife builds a self-perfecting profile of individual’s health data, Olivia acts as an artificial intelligent general doctor, and Oleaf creates a comprehensive healthcare service system. In ALLIVE, users have complete control over their own health data, which can be analyzed by the AI doctor to create personalized, full-process healthcare management. This way, supply and demand of medical resources can be achieved in a decentralized, immutable, and intelligent healthcare ecosystem on the blockchain.

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