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Sidera accepted onto IBM’s Premium tier – Startup With IBM
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Sidera accepted onto IBM’s Premium tier – Startup With IBM

IBM today announces that Sidera has been accepted on the Premium Tier of Startp with IBM. By design, this program is the entry point for all early-stage companies to begin their journey with IBM, beginning with technology integration and then partnering with IBM’s global network of clients, partners and developers.  

To start, companies can take advantage of up to $120,000 in cloud credits to build on and/or integrate any service from the IBM Cloud catalog into their solution, such as virtual or bare metal servers, cloud object storage, blockchain, artificial intelligence (Watson), etc.  Then, once a startup has built a fully formed solution that is ready to be taken to market, IBM creates selling opportunities through various channels of the IBM network.

Camillo Piscitell, founder and CEO of Sidera says:

“Since I founded Sidera, I always told myself and to the entire team that we have to dream big. That’s why we came out with such a big number of innovations that nobody has ever seen before. To dream big means that we must not be afraid to achieve the greatest goals, especially if this means to connect with huge realities. 

“We want to join the big players disrupting the market and changing the world. 

“When I first connected with IBM I discovered a team of innovators who understood Blockchain technology potential and how this revolution can truly change the world,” he says.

IBM is supporting Sidera from the beginning, incubating the project in the “Startup for IBM” program. The relationship and partnership does not end there. IBM is also supporting Sidera and is making an introduction for Sidera into the Hyperledger ecosystem, which is the most advanced Blockchain platform in the world.

“We are happy to say that IBM has a great vision on the future, and they are demonstrating their will to keep on innovating, supporting Blockchain technology at 360 degrees,” added Camillo.

Sidera combines cutting edge encryption with next generation hardware to provide security and user-friendliness never imagined before.

Sidera Wearables use a custom version of ARM architecture and native AES2048 military grade encryption standard, to guarantee the highest standard of security ever dreamed of in a multipurpose wearable payment solution. This is the first smartwatch, ever, to support NFC (near field contact) crypto exchange, biometric input and multicurrency wallet. The NFC capability allows for instantaneous crypto-to-FIAT payment in any shop with an NFC PoS.

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