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We all know such a term as a brain drain, or intellectual emigration. Very often this term defines the resettlement of a large number of highly qualified specialists from less developed countries to countries with a more developed economy.

-What makes people leave their homeland?

There are a lot of reasons, we will highlight the most popular and widespread ones.
In the first place, as many could guess, there is a financial issue. Highly qualified specialists and young people very often flee from their country in search of a better life, as abroad they have a broader perspective of financial well-being.

Low demand for high-class specialists.

Yes, however absurd it may sound, but the statistics show that many high-level specialists do not simply do not need developed questions. Having graduated from the university, the young man has only two ways: to work not by profession, which is a very common practice, or to emigrate from the country.

Political motives. Have you ever read newspapers with headlines: “Intelligentsia and scientists are fleeing to Venezuela from the USA”? We, too, have not seen such headlines, but here the headlines with the reverse situation are full all the time. This is the problem, people run from political repression to political rights and freedoms.

Mentality. Many people flee their country for the reason that they can not understand, or accept the traditions and behavioral characteristics of their fellow citizens. More developed countries are happy to accept such people, unless, of course, they are valuable in the labor market specialists.

-People emigrate, yes, and what’s wrong with that?

Emigration of people abroad causes significant damage not only to developing countries, but also to its education, to its already weak economy. The specialist moves to another country (most often not one, but taking with him family members), he begins to spend money there, buy goods from local producers, and eventually pay taxes.

-We understood the problem, but how to stop people?

No way. Unless, of course, you are not a state, but more often than not, people leave their countries for the reason that the state does not care for their problems anyway.

-We realized that people can not be stopped, but can not something be done?

Can. As we said before, leaving your native country, specialists, often leads to a lack of finance. Often, such people who have left for the sake of money, very often yearn for their homeland. And we are able to help them.

-So, we have the opportunity to help people, it’s good, but how to do it?

We thought about this for a long time and realized our ideas in our ISH project.

Now any specialist can work remotely without leaving his country. The platform has all the necessary tools not only for a comfortable interaction of the specialist with the customer, but also for the development of a specialist as a person, the realization of his ambitions, the improvement of his professional qualities.

Yes, we are not a huge state machine and we can not say that we will be able to influence the situation with emigration in dry figures, however, in our power to help smart and talented people who want to live in prosperity, but do not leave their home

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