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Decentralized investment platform is promoting innovative blockchain projects
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Decentralized investment platform is promoting innovative blockchain projects

InoCoin is a decentralized crowdfunding platform where innovative blockchain projects can seek their funding capital. The platform is creating a community of investors, advisors, and business savvy entrepreneurs who are incentivized to help their favourite projects succeed, in return for dividends.

Recent months saw InoCoin feature new projects and partner up with interesting teams from around the world:

On 26th of June, they announced their partnership with FabrikToken, a decentralized environment designed to help bring blockchain solutions to businesses and individual entrepreneurs. The two startups will now work with a specific goal in mind, to improve FabrikToken’s TokenGen technology, an easy Smart Contract configuration tool with an intuitive interface.

Previously, on 14th of May, InoCoin entered into a collaboration with Wealthman, a wealth management platform and a complete marketplace for wealth and investment managers to build and promote their services. The two are now working to innovate the billions dollar worth investment market.

How it works.

InoCoin brings together investors and start-ups with the opportunity for backers to deliver financial assistance as well as their knowledge and expertise. The decentralized system allows them to engage in joint decision making with team leaders, and to profit when their chosen venture is successful.

The platforms investor community can vote on the project they believe should be financed. Every three months the InoCoin team redirects funds to the idea with the most “likes.” In addition, backers can directly invest in their preferred projects using the “boost” option.

InoCoin aims to revolutionize the crowdfunding industry with their Ethereum based, secure investment model. The backers are incentivized to invest and help their chosen projects, in return for dividends calculated on the percentage of funds invested. The peer-voting system coupled with financial incentive allows for the most promising and innovative projects to naturally rise to the top.

InoCoin environment hopes to build a thriving community of backers and experts focused on building successful, forward-thinking blockchain projects and bringing them to the world.

InoCoin In-house Projects.

InoCoin is working on a few of their own projects, among them InoPay, a fast and secure payment system which can be incorporated into other platforms or online businesses and e-stores, for a service fee.

InoPay offers:

-Lightning transitions

-Ultra low fees

-No geolocation restrictions

-Bonuses for investors

InoPay system lies at the core of InoCoin platform functionality where INO tokens are needed for voting and investing in the Ino Projects. The tokens can also be purchased on the external exchanges: TokenStore, Exrates, and ForkDelta. Current trading pairs include INO/BTC, INO/ETH, and INO/USD.

There are 100 million INO tokens in circulation, with a total possible number of Ino capped at one billion tokens. As of 1st of July 2018 tokens are valued at 0.63 cents a token, more than 100% growth since INO launch in April when it was traded at 0.20 cents. Current token price and number places market cap at $126M, and the 24h trading volume on 1st of July was 457 thousand dollars.

Projects featured on InoCoin:

Wealthman – a compliant wealth management platform offering wealth managers a complete solution for building, promoting and managing their services, with a secure and copyrighted coding environment for their robo-advisory and portfolio building algorithms. Wealthman also delivers carefully designed and legally binding, Ethereum-based smart contracts for secure digital assets storage and transfer using blockchain technology.

Moon Map Me – a dating and social meetings app which can matchmake users based on their shared mood. Users can opt-in to be tracked on google maps and pointed to user hotspots for social interactions with the “like-mooded” individuals.

FabrikToken – a decentralized environment and marketplace for business and individuals to create smart contracts with an easy drag-and-drop interface.

About InoCoin

We are a decentralized crowdfunding and investment platform connecting start-ups with backers to help fund exciting, forward-thinking, blockchain projects. We offer capital investment and guidance to young, promising teams, and we have experts in various areas including business, marketing, and blockchain development to help innovative ventures succeed.

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