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Partnership: IBM and Sidera, riding high together.
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Partnership: IBM and Sidera, riding high together.

International Business Machines Corporation is one of the world’s largest companies in the technology market.

Also known as IBM or “Big Blue”, it is a leading company of famous revolutionary inventions, with a turnover of 79,139,000,000.00 of $.

Let us recall the floppy disk, the magnetic stripe card, the relational database, the motherboard, the PS / 2 connectors, the Universal Product Code (UPC) — which is the barcode, the SABRE airline reservation system, the DRAM and the Watson artificial intelligence system.

A long exchange of private information: documents, an in-depth study of the technology and the product offered by Sidera. This is what happened within the past few weeks.

There are very few technologies that IBM aims to help, after having seen and carefully assessed the potential, the business logic and the feasibility of the technology.

The initial interest has become a strong operational partnership which includes considerable technological support from IBM with the help of hardware, developers and infrastructure. An incredible synergy that we are sure will boost the project well beyond expectations.

We have interviewed our Founder with the aim of answering some of the questions that you are probably asking yourself.


Why did IBM choose Sidera?

IBM is a company that has laid the foundations of modern computing. It has a great history, always at the top of the world’s technological panorama and today it is demonstrating great foresight by strongly encouraging Blockchain technology.
In Sidera, IBM saw everything they were looking for: innovation, safety and a structured team in every department. The partnership was a natural consequence.

Why did Sidera choose IBM?

Sidera is the world’s first commercial IoT device that includes Blockchain and NFC payments. The main objective of the project is scalability, allowing users the ability to interface with an entire ecosystem of services. In order to do this we need an infrastructure which can support such a sophisticated level of functionality. Sidera has therefore looked up to the greater global realities and IBM was able to supply its cloud network, as well as providing great resources in terms of technologies and development.
Aligned with the quality standards required of our partners, IBM is everything that Sidera has been looking for.

How do you see the future for Sidera and IBM?

The future is today. With the possibility of wearing the revolutionary technology of the Blockchain, integrating innovative functions directly on the wrist and in a completely “smart” way, we have the possibility to change the way millions of people live their life. IBM understood the potential of this project and has interest in supporting our long-term growth.
We have formed a union that goes beyond what we know.

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