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New Release: Wealthman platform updated
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New Release: Wealthman platform updated

Major platform features improvements

The major feature improvements include, naming a few:

  • Commission calculation algorithm has been optimized
  • The manager’s toolbox acquired a new instrument, allowing to draft a customized offer to an investor
  • The clients’ marketplace has been added to the platform as a separate tool.

We have run a series of tests to streamline the exchange. This involves not only currency inflow and outflow, but also finding the best possible solution to define a commission rate. The tests carried out with Binance exchange have demonstrated a higher commission withdrawal interest, complex multilevel security system with manual approval algorithms and, moreover, insufficient API functionality. Our next aim is to create a pool of exchange services with preferred conditions for our users.

System logic improvement

  1. Investor’s part

Now the investor will manage 3 portfolio status instead of 5, that are: active (current), archived (terminated) and in progress (negotiation phase). The rest is included in the request types – portfolio request, acceptance request, deposit expectation, all recorded in the request history.

The Investor’s summary page is elaborated to display integral portfolio statistics, general balance and its dynamics, transaction history and history of requests.

  1. Wealth Manager’s part

Managers will benefit from comprehensive functionality of the dashboard, displaying integral portfolio statistics, general balance, AUM dynamics, commission dynamics, views and requests notification bars. Besides, buttons “Add client” and “Add service” will soon appear on the dashboard.

We also welcome our wealth managers to administer their commission, selecting its type, rate and frequency of the payout, making earnings more manageable.

Besides, we robotized the process of drafting an individual offer for the investor. It has never been easier: an offer is automatically filled out when the manager creates and sends out a portfolio proposal.

User interface improvements

Several upgrades have been deployed for the user page:

  • User avatar and its components added to the right corner of the page, scaling and animated upload available
  • Few minor improvements were made to both Account page as well as FAQ
  • We fixed the bugs in the menu functionality and introduced some animation
  • The visual design of the investor’s and manager’s interface improved

Additionally, we optimized the page code, downsizing it almost twice. Now it’s lighter and faster.

Since the beginning Wealthman project has taken seriously its mission to create a protocol where investors can find a professional service of a long-term portfolio structuring and management, provided by an experienced wealth manager or a robotic financial advisory program.

The protocol is built on the blockchain technology, allowing its users to benefit from transparency and security of transactions and develop a highly protected business. The philosophy behind the system is based on the concept of a “trustless environment”, where one can trust in the system without a need to trust its every single nod.

Although the platform is in the development phase, soon we will have an open call for the testing pool. We invite early wealth managers, asset managers and investment managers to be among the first who gets business bonuses for testing. The number of users within testing pool is limited, only the first 30 managers will be granted with a personal user-friendly account + 20 000 USD marketing kit! Click here

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