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Waltonchain Attended the Opening Conference of Korea Blockchain Enterprise Promotion Association
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Waltonchain Attended the Opening Conference of Korea Blockchain Enterprise Promotion Association

On July 17, the Constitution Day in South Korea, the official opening conference of Korea Blockchain Enterprise Promotion Association (an association authorized by South Korean National Assembly) was held in the National Assembly Hall. More than twenty members of South Korean National Assembly, leaders and former leaders of the three parties of South Korea attended the conference. More than 700 people attended the conference. Waltonchain was honored to be the only blockchain enterprise present at the conference and other related events.With the rapid development of technologies related to the 4th industrial revolution, such as blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data and Cloud Storage, the blockchain technology is favored all around the world as the base of multiple industries. It also explores a new development direction in the world economy and ICT (Information Communications Technology) industry.

South Korea set up Korea Blockchain Enterprise Promotion Association to become the leading blockchain power in the current unpredictable development environment. Unlike other existing associations, Korea Blockchain Enterprise Promotion Association is composed of politicians and emerging blockchain companies. Its aim is to build a communication bridge between relevant enterprises and the government, strengthen the government support and assistance to relevant enterprises so as to promote the globalization of Korean blockchain enterprises.

During the conference, the former South Korean Prime Minister, Mr. Lee Soo-sung, the former Permanent Adviser of Common Democratic Party, Mr. Jeong Daecheol, the former National Assembly member and President of Information Technology Education Institute, Mr. Yoo Junsang were respectively awarded the titles of Honorary President, President and Director of the Association. The Korea Communications Commission member and the former South Korean National Assembly member, Mr. Ryu Geunchan was appointed the Chairman of the Korea Blockchain Enterprise Promotion Association, and President of Walton Blockchain Institute, Mr. Kong Jongryul was appointed the Vice Chairman.

As part of the conference, Waltonchain CEO, Mr. Mo Bing and President of Korean Food and Livestock Promotion Center Mr. Lee Hanyeong, signed a business cooperation agreement. Mr. Lee Hanyeong indicated that the Center is a non-profit structure engaged in voluntary services to promote the publicity and sales of agricultural products, livestock and regional specialties. The Center selected Waltonchain as a cooperation partner not only because Waltonchain is currently the most influential blockchain enterprise in South Korea, but also due to its outstanding technical strength in the blockchain + IoT industry. The Center hopes to promote the agriculture, livestock, food, distribution and logistics industry development together with Waltonchain.

As a joint Chinese-Korean Blockchain project focusing on hardware and software integration, Waltonchain is well-recognized in Korea. Waltonchain CTO, Prof. Wei Songjie was specially invited to introduce the advanced technology concepts to the present National Assembly members, enterprise executives and blockchain enterprise representatives at the conference.

Prof. Wei also mentioned that Waltonchain is committed to promoting the effective integration of the blockchain technology and various real-world industry application scenarios. Currently, Waltonchain has built complete technical solutions to solve the existing problems in various industries such as apparel, logistics, catering, etc.Waltonchain is grateful for the recognition by South Korean National Assembly as well as other organizations from various fields. Waltonchain will continue to contribute to the blockchain area and work with partners from all walks of life to popularize and apply the blockchain technology and achieve the healthy industry development, so as to assist enterprises in break-through innovation.

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