Interview with Jim Preissler, CEO provides efficient, fair and safe blockchain technologies to financial market participants. It introduces professional experience and a carefully developed structure to the exponentially growing crypto industry. Through education, support and research, it claims its role as the leading blockchain firm in the financial markets.

We interviewed Jim Preissler from to discuss more about their business.

What is‘s key point of difference?

Our unique differentiator is in the application of our experience which stems from a long history in the traditional finance sector. The team and I are not only professionalizing the upcoming blockchain sphere but we are actually building brick by brick the much-needed bridge between blockchain and finance, which will truly help to democratize the markets. 

We were one of the most successful ICOs of 2017, earning more than 31 million USD, and have made a pledge to our community to deliver industry-leading products and services that drastically improve the financial journeys of our stakeholders. More specifically, we are evolving day by day, guided always by our community, and every single service or product that we offer is community led. This is evidenced for instance in our upcoming Liquidity Pool which offers daily interest payouts, and also in our airdrop program which automatically drops a wide range of tokens to our qualified token holders thereby helping them to diversify their investment portfolios at absolutely no effort. These services compound with the core offerings of our Exchange, the specs of which were also laid out by our community as well as our ICO Consulting and our Investing program. Our community has spoken – they are calling for change, and we consider it to be our duty to implement.

We announced at our exclusive Bloomberg-hosted cryptocurrency event on 29 June that we will be launching our exchange on 17 July, and that the first month’s trades will be commission free. Pre-registration is available here:

Who exactly is it aimed at (trader type, geography)

With our innovative, customizable, widget-driven interface, we can cater to the new user who initially wants a clean, clear & simple platform all the way through to the professional trader who desires a robust, and configurable platform they can tweak to meet their needs.

As a member of the senior executive team, we are extremely keen to be operating within the confines of what is legally permissible, and we are actively working with international regulators on the formation of regulatory guidelines applicable to ICOs and other crypto firms. While the TIO is currently available on a range of exchanges as shown on our website, soon it will also be available to purchase exclusively on

The TIO acts as an access key to various services of the company including our Liquidity Pool, discounts, and bonuses to ICOs as well as our airdrops program.  As a user of our exchange, we plan to offer educational support to both novice traders as professional or advanced traders, through the provision of technical analysis, charting tools, tutorials and more. We target for our exchange to be truly all-encompassing and down the line, with the inclusion of leveraged crypto to crypto products as well as non-crypto instruments. Our goal is to be the only exchange of choice for traders of all popular instruments. 

Why, in a crowded exchange space, would someone use over another exchange?

Rather than trying to decide for ourselves what the community wants from an exchange, we have taken a vastly different approach from our competitors. We actually polled our community on what they want, and the results were fascinating. They vastly voted in favor of a customizable user interface that will complement the trading strategy and preferences of any given user. It was also abundantly clear after polling that poor user interface is the top complaint among traders about the currently available crypto exchanges, along with security concerns. We, of course, address all of this in what we believe will be an industry-leading crypto exchange.

How did we do this? We have applied our unparalleled professional expertise in the fintech and blockchain sectors to create the ultimate exchange experience for traders, starting with cryptocurrency instruments, and then later to include other asset classes such as forex, commodities, and others. We are confident that our exchange will satisfy the specifications stipulated to us by our community, and look we forward to sharing in the successes of the Exchange with our qualified TIO holders via the upcoming Liquidity Pool.

Please, can you give your take on the Liquidity Pool.

The Liquidity Pool is part of what makes so special. It represents a commitment from the senior management in the company, to give back to its community. We are pledging to return up to 50% of all funds generated by the activity of the Liquidity Pool in any given day, BACK to the Liquidity Pool participants. In practice, this means that as a participant, you could be earning interest daily in a wide range of currencies. TIO holders with more than 2500 TIOs will be enabled access to our Liquidity Pool via a simple join button in their exchange members area, and further to that, there is absolutely nothing more than a participant needs to do. We have received incredible feedback from our community who are eagerly awaiting the launch of the pool. They understand that we are putting our money where our mouth is and are taking active steps to help democratize the financial markets, instead of just sitting down and talking about it. To this end, we have already unlocked 50 million TIO currently being held for the Liquidity Pool, to active status. We plan for the pool to be launched around one month after the Exchange launch.

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