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Exclusive interview with ZANTEPAY Founder
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Exclusive interview with ZANTEPAY Founder

ZANTEPAY is the cryptocurrency multi wallet integrated with debit card; it allows you to store, manage and spend your digital assets anytime anywhere.

We interviewed the Founder and CEO Mardo, to discuss more about the project that they are working on.

What is the purpose of your project?

We are building a decentralized multi wallet (btc, eth, ltc and znx) integrated with a debit card/ NFC contactless payment solution. The purpose is to provide private mobile banking for billion+ people.

What problem do you identify and how does your ICO solve it?

Our ZANTEPAY and Zantecoin project will solve some problems:

1. Lack of payment providers/ lack of paying with multiple cryptocurrencies. We (me and Lena) started a project because we invested in ICO-s. So at one point, we ended up in the situation where we had only crypto, no fiat. We needed to spend crypto, not only Bitcoin, the others too. By the time (summer 2017) there was a couple of solutions working (xapo, bitpay, cryptopay). The problem was that they were working with Bitcoin only. I knew that we needed to build some better system.

2. Loss of private keys. The big problem with decentralized solutions is that if you lose your private keys, your funds are gone. You can compare the private keys to your debit card. Would you agree to use bank services under the condition, that if you lose your debit card, all your funds would be gone too?… I believe most people WOULDN´T. For mass adoption to happen, this issue needs to be solved. And we can do it.

3. Created cryptocurrencies are not compliant with upcoming regulations. One of the big problems I foresee is the upcoming regulation of digital assets. No one actually knows how exactly tokens should be regulated.
I think quite soon everything that can be regulated will be regulated. Centralized exchanges, wallets, etc.
I think every coin/token should have legally correct documentation and those coins will last in the long run. Every token foundation has a responsibility to work out the legal structure for their coin/token. Our utility token (ZNX) has full legal documentation/analysis and is compliant with Estonian laws. 90% of tokens in the space are not compliant with the regulators and therefore wouldn´t be here in the long run.

4. Verification issue. One of the important issues is users identification on centralized platforms. To be fully compliant with upcoming regulations, we believe it has to be done at the same level of identification as opening a bank account. It was really difficult to find a sophisticated partner for verification. Everyone is using pass/id/license and proof of address while we were looking into future solutions. Our card payment provider wouldn´t approve the client onboarding process with this type of id verification. It’s too easy to fake. We use video verification (, which is approved by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit and Estonian banks (if you wish to open an account remotely). We are fully compliant with upcoming regulations, our business is solid, we are here for a long run. I like to think that we are one step ahead.

The decentralized multi wallet app is for the global scale.
Debit card/NFC solution is for EU market.

I believe, within the next 5 years digitalization will be happening globally.
The smartphone market is exploding. Currently, there are more than 2,4 bln smartphone users. There are millions and millions of people joining every day.
So there is a lot of room for everybody.

With the decentralized wallet we are building we are targeting 1+ billion people. Plus 500 000k users for card/NFC solution within EU market.

If so, how are you going to capture and transform those potential users into customers?

ZNX will be listed on,,,, (India) and my commitment is to build Zantecoin ecosystem for as long as possible. The Asian market is incredible. In 2017, 70+ million people in India were using a smartphone for the first time in their life. Our Zantepay platform has been up and running for 3 weeks now. After 10 months of hard development, last Monday we had a record of 2041 users signing up within a day. We are still in the beginning.

Our strategy is to get on board more top-level advisors who can give a good value for the project.

Briefly describe your main team members and tell why they are the best for your project.

I, Mardo (CEO and founder of Zantepay), have been an entrepreneur for 9 years doing different businesses. I have built more than 5 different web projects from scratch till up and running. I have also built within 4 months from scratch 120k private legal email database in Estonia. It is one of the biggest private people legal databases in the country. Data has always the biggest power. I attended 7 48h hackathons where I was leading different projects. Zantecoin is my first cryptocurrency project. After 10 months of development of custom-made code, Zantepay is up and running. This is already a success.

Lena (co-founder) she is like a superwoman. She is speaking 6 different languages, is a successful property and cryptocurrency investor. Without her, this project wouldn’t be possible. She is helping with deals, strategy, PR and media channels.

Ron (CFO) has been in banking for more than 20 years. So when he joined Zantepay card issuer deal was closed like seriously, the next day. He has a great network, he contributes to everything regarding finance and compliance.

Daniel (CTO) has been projecting lead for several cryptocurrency wallet projects. His experience is really unique.

Kristi (Lextal law company) is a partner in one of the top law companies in the Baltic region. I have worked with them for more than 4 years while looking at others at the same time. Definitely, a top choice I have made. Kristi and her team are taking care of legal issues and helping us get all the required licenses we need.

In our Development team, there are 2 designers, frontend developer, and 3 backend developers.


Dmitry Laush – Co-founder of Admiral markets, he is our investor and stakeholder.

Cristobal Alonso and Juan Alonso-Villalobos are executives of Startup Wise Guys accelerator. They help us with contacts and project related issues.

Farid Singh and Oscar Sanjuan Martinez help us with technical issues and project consulting.

Rauno Klettenberg is a chairman of the board at Finance Estonia and Nasdaq, helps us with contacts within Nasdaq network.

With Duyen Tran, CEO of Extradecoin, we will spread Zantecoin all over Vietnam.

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