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The crypto market is falling, investors are afraid to invest in new projects
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The crypto market is falling, investors are afraid to invest in new projects

Recently, we have seen such a picture as a large outflow of investment from the crypto industry. The market is falling, investors are afraid to invest in new projects. What is it?

The analysis of the market the ICO and the new blockchain startups, you notice that 70% of projects are either financial concepts associated with the transaction, or gaming platform, and therefore the blockchain-the market is full of financiers and geeks. Such a “dream team” (speculators and geeks) do not cause much interest from ordinary investors. Only 30% of projects implement really interesting things that can help attract new investments in the crypto industry, moreover — to benefit society. The problem is that such projects are considered by investors as being in last place.

What can cause the inflow of fresh financial and intellectual resources into the blockchain sphere? Let’s look at this point in the example of the International Science Hub.

The International Science Hub is a decentralized scientific platform aimed at improving the quality and speed of scientific research, technology and innovation. The aim of ISH is to unite in one key representatives of the world of science and IT-specialization, in other words — to create a social network, with the integration of useful tools for conducting works (such as the tender system, etc.). More details about the project can be found on the website, in WhitePaper or in our social media.

It’s right there in the name of “International Science Hub” — “the international scientific center”. “International” — because it does not pursue the interests of individual States, and is fully aimed at the development of the scientific community and technology. “Center” — because it is a single platform containing the resources of the performers of scientific specializations in one place. “Social network” acts only as a quick communication between people and is a key tool, but not the only one. The platform also has a tender system that allows to attract new customers in the face of business — to our platform for further use of its intellectual resources.

But what does blockchain do?

It’s simple — if you do not purchase our token and do not reserve it in the smart contracts of the tender, you simply will not be able to publish it and assemble a team of specialists for your research or project. Again, I remind you that the tender system and social network are just a couple of tools on our platform, but they will help to attract new investments and employees to the blockchain industry.

Taking into account the fact that we are an international project — we are focused on the implementation of the holding of legal entities around the world, which will contribute to convenient work with all customers who work only in the traditional financial segment.

You probably know what financial volumes are in the scientific industry, and that having such a potentially important project in the market as the International Science Hub, we will be able to bring some of those funds to the blockchain industry.

We also create partnerships with other blockchain projects that are relevant to the scientific community or implement convenient tools for work.

We have partnered with this project as is the first decentralized education platform. which provides students with a digital wallet of credentials. This software allows students to find the best opportunities for academic and career development, being associated with the Academy and business through the blockchain.

Summary: I urge investors and funds to invest in such important projects as International Science Hub, OS University and other socially significant projects in the blockchain industry! After all, they will attract potential customers in the face of business in the blockchain — for the further use of resources of such projects, and accordingly the influx of new investments.

Denis Zyryanov (CEO, Founder — International Science Hub)

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