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Meet Denis Zyryanov, CEO and founder of International Science Hub
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Meet Denis Zyryanov, CEO and founder of International Science Hub

-As a founder of International Science Hub, could you tell how did you get such an idea to make a business out of a science hub?

– The idea came to mind in a timely manner, gathered on pieces of projects that we wanted to implement as separate tools. The idea itself exists for about two years, but it hasn’t been finished until we encountered blockchain. It is the ideas that were embedded in the blockchain opened our eyes to how correctly the platform should be built and how the functional inside it should be implemented.

Many people faces with the difficulties of creating the right scientific team to implement their projects. We understood that now the science and technology market needs fast communication among themselves, and in connection with this – the first implementation of our plans – will be a social network for scientists and specialists. With the help of which they can share their knowledge and experience among themselves, as well as build their scientific portfolio. This will contribute to the rapid development of new ideas and technologies.

We also perfectly understand that very fact that scientists and specialists need funds for existence. In this regard, we create the functionality of the tender system on the blockchain, namely on smart contracts. This will create a bridge between performers and customers in the face of business. The potential customers will no longer have to select a team to implement a particular study for a long time – an algorithm will do it for them. And performers, in turn, can earn, develop their skills and move science forward.

Another advantage of the platform is the financial system that is based on Science Token. Holders of our token will be able to share it with other people, pay for work or invest in interesting projects.

An important tool on the platform is the library of knowledge – it’s a kind of Wikipedia, where people can update it, change it and comment on it on its own (information in science changes quite often, as new studies appear or old ones are disproved). The research and publication of users will be displayed in that base, which will enable people to acquire new knowledge.

And of course, because we are an international project, we’re planning to work within the framework of international standards of law. One of the first steps after making the presale is the creation of a holding of legal entities throughout the world. We want to protect the rights of scientists at the legal level. To this end, we will implement a single patent system on the detachment and try to integrate it in each country at the legislative level.

What is your vision for ISH and where do you see the company in 5 years?

With each year technologies are developing faster and faster, so, we are creating a single center of science center with convenient functionality – which is necessary for the whole world. This project will be able to become a foothold in accelerating the development of new technologies and the interaction of scientists among themselves and business. On the foundation of this platform, new interesting ideas will quickly become reality. Scientists and specialists from all over the world will work on them.

Unfortunately, we can be prevented by the realities of the legislation and the desire of politicians and corporations to control science. But having a single conglomerate of people that are interested in science, we will greatly accelerate the advancement of innovations and will be able to become a force capable of moving the established system. With sufficient number of interested users, it will be difficult for states to influence the platform. It will have, among other things, political weight. Just take and forbid something – it will not work anymore. Scientists will continue to do their favourite things – to develop technology and reach new heights.

You are doing a presale right now. What do you promise investors in return and what results do you expect from the sale?

Our token acts as a meaning of payment within the platform. For example, you can not just publish a tender and find the right executors – if you did not buy and did not reserve a token in a smart contract (which will be specially written for this functionality). In this regard, enterprises that are interested in any research will be forced to go to the stock exchange or through a legal entity from us, to buy tokens. All performers are paid with our token, and as I said above, they will be able to exchange it, buy various kinds of products on it and invest in interesting projects. This will create the necessary demand for a token. Those who managed to acquire it before everyone else will be able to multiply their investments, or spend it inside the platform, acquiring the necessary services at a discount.

The project is unique in its kind, at the moment in the market – there are no such projects. We believe that it will be profitable for investors to invest in us, not only from a financial point of view, but to take part in the transformation of the scientific world as a whole, after obtaining full access to the scientific community for the realisation of their personal projects.

What is the main benefit of International Science Hub?

Here we can say in a nutshell. The main advantage of International Science Hub lies in the fact that we connect the scientific community as much as possible in one key, which helps accelerate the implementation of new technologies. And if we increase the speed of the implementation of new technologies, then the entire humanity will approach the improvement of life in the near future. All the ideas of the science fiction writers of the past centuries already exist in our time and I have no doubt that the ideas proposed by the current science fiction writers are waiting for us in the near future.) International Science Hub contributes to the realization of these ideas!

Considering that ICO market is extremely overwhelmed right now in terms of capital raising online, how are you going to stand out? What is your strategy?

The ICO market is overloaded with only such topics as games on the blockchain, casino, various crypto-currency and trader tools. ICO in the scientific field – you can count on your fingers. I hope that with many of them, we will even be able to find partnerships and mutually integrate our tools.

Personally for us ICO is a crypto-currency crowdfunding that is aimed at investing in the future of the whole world. We are well aware that it is not enough to just implement a platform, it is also necessary to protect it, as well as from hacker attacks, and in a legal aspect. We need to implement a quality PR company, get licenses and support in the scientific community. And of course we need to maintain offices, staff in each country and much more, with what else will have to face in this difficult matter. All this is very expensive and without investments at such an early stage, we will approach the implementation of our plans not earlier than in 3 or 4 years. Can you imagine how much everything can be changed in science during this time? Do not waste a second.

The strategy is simple enough: it is necessary to implement a platform with all the planned functions, to collect a sufficiently large user base within the platform, to form a holding of legal entities and, after that, to start attracting the business, namely, potential customers who will use the platform resources. But on this we do not plan to stop and we will continue to improve our platform.

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