Tech innovations are introduced into our life at an unimaginable pace

One day, Michael Faraday was asked: “What is the practical use of electricity?”. The researcher replied: “I do not know, sir, but one day you will tax it.” This story has become a classic example of technology that is overtaking time. But, in the conditions of modern society, this is unlikely to become possible. The time for which the product goes from the “idea” stage to the stage of mass production has declined over the past few decades. Technological innovations are being introduced into our life at an unimaginable pace:
robotics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence technologies, and other technologies that are now driving the consumer electronics market; unmanned vehicles are being introduced, smart houses are being sold, robot assistants are being developed, etc. Science and business in developed countries are a symbiosis that manage multibillion-dollar investment which is flowed and estimated by hundreds thousands of research workers.

However, the interaction between science and business is sometimes hampered by several factors: institutional, geographic, socio-economic or even historical-cultural. Many bureaucratic procedures in the form of registrations of patents, grants, tenders can be seriously simplified with the help of a blockchain — International Science Hub suggests creating a social network with an economic platform for settlements between customers (businessmen) and executors (researchers). On this resource, we increase the effectiveness of interaction by speeding up the process of finding the right specialists for one side, and attracting sponsors for the other. In the role of the accounting unit, a thematic token that is called “Science Token” (ticker ST) is supposed.

The issue of interaction between businessmen and scientists depends on the scientific and technological progress of modern society. The more effective this symbiosis works, the stronger we can transform our world. Transform to the better.

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