ISH offers specialized innovations for modernizing the world of science

The second half of the twentieth century was held under the banner of two important processes — the scientific and technological revolution and globalization. On the one hand, scientists from all over the world received a powerful impetus to the development of the world science, cooperating among themselves in the field of fundamental and applied research, as well as in conducting developmental research.

At the same time, considering the unequal opportunities of scientific communities of different countries, serious gaps in public and private financing, as well as geopolitical crises have led to the intellectual rupture on a global scale. This manifests itself in the form of a tangible problem — regardless of the location of the invention, intellectual property rights to it are either from researchers with solid funding, or from groups of researchers with serious political support, or from those who have money and connections. There are a lot of examples — industrial espionage at the state level in China, illegal use of foreign patents in techno-parks of the USA and Western Europe and more. The product of scientific activity (intellectual property) and not only is appropriated by people who have more resources than their competitors. The question of research and development over time turns into a question of legal stumbling and disputing property rights between various funds, design bureaus and individual scientists.

Is it possible to avoid the theft of intellectual property, especially when it comes to serious scientific study? Yes, it’s possible. In this case, including simple and at the same time, known technologies.

The project that is called “International Science Hub” offers specialized innovations in the field of modernizing the world of science. We will provide international legal protection of your interests, and we can provide the most reliable way to preserve the rights in science and technology.

The legal aspect is not the only field of activity in which ISH offers a more effective and reliable solution. Our project assumes cardinal transformations in the field of intellectual property all over the world.

International Science Hub — Open up a whole new world to you!


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