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#MetaHash Announces Public Token Sale and Premier Access to Forging
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Following the recent debut of its network, wherein unprecedented rates of 60,000 transaction per second were achieved, #MetaHash, an exchange network and decentralized application platform, announced details around its upcoming public token sale and early access to forging. #MetaHash will allocate 920,000,000 #MetaHashCoin (#MHC), equivalent to 10 percent of its token cap, starting at noon UTC on June 29, 2018, and continuing until the goal is reached. Interested parties can purchase #MHC for $0.0391 per token (will be accepted in ETH and BTC at the exchange rate at the time of purchase).

Early investors have access to the most favorable price, which will double in the next phase. Additionally, they can benefit from access to the forging functionality as soon as it’s live on the network.

In contrast to mining, forging is based on different principles, offering a unique set of advantages to crypto enthusiasts, including accessibility and efficiency, as even smartphones can carry out forging functions. Other differentiators include no equipment overheating or damage to the environment, as well as rewards for the use of active tokens in verification and support of the network.

50 percent of all forging rewards are distributed among #MHC owners, while 40 percent are granted to node owners. The remaining ten percent are allocated for incentivising active users of the #MetaGate browser. Token holders have the option of holding their voting rights for full commission or extending those rights to another node operator and sharing in the commission. In this way, large numbers of votes are concentrated at nodes that the community trusts, shielding the system from attacks.

“This is an exciting time in #MetaHash’s trajectory and I am humbled by the amount of support our network has received, even in its early stages,” said Anton Agranovsky, co-founder of #MetaHash. “The interest from funds around the world, along with the thousands of individuals who have tested the network since we opened it to the public, demonstrate an appetite in the market for this type of technology, as well as a belief that #MetaHash can successfully transform the way we transact across the globe.”

To view the whitepaper and gather more information, please visit or follow #MetaHash on Medium. You can also join the official chat on Telegram and subscribe to project’s Facebook page.

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