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Blockchain relations announces publication on SmartCash
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Blockchain relations announces publication on SmartCash

Blockchain Relations, the first media networking brand established to connect mainstream audiences around the world with crypto, today announces the publication of an article titled “The Most Revolutionary Aspects of SmartCash ($SMART),” which provides an overview of the many features SmartCash has introduced to accomplish its main goal of achieving mainstream adoption around the world.

The article notes the real-world results and constant innovation provided by SmartCash’s unique model that puts the community first. Its universal send-to-email feature enables anyone with a simple email address to receive SMART, username-based wallet addresses and tipbots enable easy donations and tipping, the SmartNode network allows for unparalleled scaling and advanced functionality, and SmartRewards help reduce price volatility by reducing the amount of coins constantly traded.

With SmartCard, the SmartCash team of developers aim to dramatically improve upon conventional payment methods that are currently used by businesses of all sizes. For example, debit and credit cards offered by companies like American Express and Citigroup Inc. often come with transaction fees of over 3%, which over the course of a year can take away hundreds of thousands of dollars from a company’s profits. Plus, the traditional card method requires both buyers and sellers to have access to the services of major banks, which is extremely difficult and sometimes impossible in certain parts of the world.

While some cryptos have already improved upon some of the main issues of current mainstream payment options, they still fail to be practical for lots of everyday applications. However, with their new SmartCard feature, SmartCash will offer a truly viable crypto alternative to the debit/credit card. Not only will payments be instantly confirmed, but the transactions fees are practically non-existent, at just fractions of a cent. Furthermore, only the business is responsible for having a live connection to the internet, so the consumer can take funds anywhere without worrying about a dead battery or lack of signal in remote areas. In a way, the purchases made with SmartCard combine the best of cash, card, and crypto payments.

SmartCash (Crypto: SMART) is a blockchain-based crypto that sets itself apart with community governance, a self-funded community treasury, and mining accessibility to standard PCs. With emphasis on community involvement and merchant adoption, SmartCash aims to create the most nimble and fastest-growing crypto.

Blockchain Relations™ was launched as a division of The Global Precision Group (est. 2010) to help crypto-assets and blockchain projects achieve greater visibility through media connections and proven branding strategies. The core team leverages a unique blend of experience spanning media relations, investor relations, syndicated communications, marketing, crypto markets and community-building initiatives.

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