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Bitter readers can’t see the ‘bitcon’
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Bitter readers can’t see the ‘bitcon’

Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey thinks bitcoin will become the world’s single currency in 10 years. Yeah, sure. So why did Twitter just announce that it will ban crypto-asset ads?

You already know that I think bitcoin are a bitcon. And the fact that they’re now coming under more regulatory scrutiny and have lost half their value in the past six months seems to mean this argument is going my way.

In a recent column, I mentioned my view that bitcoin were going to worth about as much as 2018 versions of Beanie Babies. Let me share with you some of the clever responses I got from the pro-bitcon gang.

I’m printing these e-mails without corrections so you can enjoy these folks in their full illiterate glory. My comments come after.

  • “You’re [sic] assesment [sic] and prediction for Bitcoin is based on almost nothing, except for perhaps ignorance and jealousy.”

Me: And, of course, the argument you just presented is based on nothing but ignorance and the fact that you are part of the pyramid scheme. I’m not.

  • “You are such a moron and will get burned with shorting bitcoin. What a desperate attempt and [sic] lowering the price. As if a 5 sentance [sic] article written by a nobody will have any negative impact.”

Me: Bitcoin’s value is half what it was in January. If you don’t like my view on bitcoin, perhaps you’ll like the opinion of Warren Buffett (and you probably don’t even know who he is) that crypto-assets “will come to a bad ending.”

  • “You still don’t get it do you. Coins are here to stay. You seem quite butt hurt about that in our ‘article’. Get your head out of your dinosaur fossil-like ass and get with the program. People who buy crypto see the future offering it has and why it is required. You can continue to fight it but this happens year after year, look at the data. Enjoy not holding while we move into the future with crypto.”

Me: Every con game wants others to “get with the program.” That’s the only way pyramid schemes work. The rest of your punctuation-challenged comment speaks poorly for itself.

  • “Just wanted to call you a dumbass for the bitcoin article, bitcoin shouldn’t be treated as a stock it’s new and volatile. Dumb liberal.”

Me: I’m not sure what liberal or conservative has to do with this. But it’s always wonderful to hear from readers.

  • “And you get paid to write this s–t??? I’d say get a real job but you are clearly worthless. And clueless. If you can’t even investigate why cryptocurrencies are a multi billion dollar market, how do you call yourself a journalist. You’re just a gossip column hack.”

Me: Ah, name calling. I know why crypo-assets are a “multi billion dollar market.” It’s a confidence game. And that’s why people like this reader don’t like people like me who won’t play along.

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