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Minsk Transit Bank of Belarus offers bitcoin exchanges against U.S. dollar
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Minsk Transit Bank of Belarus offers bitcoin exchanges against U.S. dollar

According to Crypytonews on May 11, Minsk Transit Bank of Belarus will provide a tool that allows its customers to use Bitcoin to exchange dollars. According to a statement, the transaction will be implemented through its MTBankFX foreign exchange platform, claiming that users will be able to avoid paying taxes on their income before 2019.

According to previous news, the president of Belarus No. 8 “on the digital economy,” the order came into effect on March 28, the Act to promote the local encryption currency trading, ICO, encryption currency legalize mining and intelligent contracts and other business.

Under the Act, the Government of Belarus will encrypt currency related businesses, from encryption currency profitable trades and mining policies implemented in personal tax relief. Through a series of policies in the country trying to turn themselves into the CIS region blockchain in technology and encryption currency centers.

Meanwhile, in neighboring Ukraine, the State Securities and Stock Market Commission (SSMCS), head of Timur Khromaev published in the May 8 on Facebook a statement said the commission would consider encryption monetary treated as financial instruments.

In addition, the Chairman of the Government of Ukraine Securities Commission (securities commission) have called for this week encryption currency legalization, because the International Securities executives are discussing the status of encryption technology in Budapest.

It is reported that IOSCO (International Organization of Securities commission) meeting this week in the Hungarian capital, the agenda of the meeting of encryption monetary heat topped the list.

Facebook’s display in the article, the Chairman of the Ukrainian State Securities and Stock Market Commission Timur Khromaev, as well as stock market development strategy and the Chairman of the Committee on Economic analyzes have indicated that he and his international colleagues have been talking about” encryption currency and ICOs, and Some conclusions have been drawn.”

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