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JP Morgan Chase has been applying for blockchain patents
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JP Morgan Chase has been applying for blockchain patents

JP Morgan Chase (JP Morgan Chase) is the largest US bank, by market capitalization, which is the world’s second-largest bank, its chief executive Jamie • Dimon (Jamie Dimon) over the years has been publicly criticized encryption currency

His rhetoric seems to be directly related to the soaring price of bitcoin (BTC).  In 2017, the report pointed out that “JPM Morgan executive Jamie Dimon once again devalued Bitcoin. This time, he called this decentralized currency ‘fraud’.”

Dimon In an interview with CNBC television channel, the Bitcoin market will “explode” and he will fire off any team members who trade Bitcoin. 

Dimon explained at the press conference: “This is worse than tulip bulbs – it won’t have a good end.” The report believes that Dimon will not “shut up” bitcoins soon because the bank is high. The management called Bitcoin investors “stupid” and one day they would “pay the price.” If this is not enough, it is rumored that the bank is considering Bitcoin futures.

However, this year’s transition began when Dimon recovered some statements. In fact, JP Morgan’s annual report publicly expressed concerns about encryption currency will be a hugely destructive force and may be permanent. These recent statements seem to indicate a shift in JPMorgan’s attitude.

This week, the most powerful evidence of the transition from the details of the Patent Office, the Patent Office disclosed patent application JP Morgan: “The system and method are disclosed as an accounts receivable application distributed financial transactions settlement and reconciliation.”

This Banks may be trying to blend in global financial services. The annual remittance market has billions of dollars. However, it is still unclear how the blockchain will assist virtual cross-border transactions.  But obviously, with the news that JPMorgan applied for a patent, Dimon might look a bit embarrassed. (Planned network)

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